Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment has been the core area of work where our organization has been focussing since a long time. We found women have greater role in their family and in the society to pursue the positive change to change their social and economic status . Women have been organised, sensitised and aware towards their social, economic status, atrocities on women, education for their children, health etc by the organization regularly to change in the status of women. Over the period the organization found significant change in the life of the women in the area. Women have been organised into SHG groups to come out from the clutches of money lenders and have been linked to financial institutions, Banks and from different Govt. Schemes to support their livelihood. The women recognizes that the economic independence through their small saving in SHGs and linkages in Banks have improved their social and economic status and are able to support their family in education and for improved health services.

  • Promotion of SHG
  • Livelihood support
  • capacity building of women
  • Reproductive health of adolescents and women
  • Health and Nutrition’s
  • Economical growth of women
  • leadership training
  • Awareness on social taboos
  • Gender equality and violence against women

SHG Programme
There are 623 SHGs which has been promoted and nurtured regularly by the organization .Some of the SHGs are matured enough to do their livelihood activities by themselves. SHGs have also been coming into the federation fold so that they may work as cooperative, producers company. Organization has introduced Computer Munshi for the accounting of SHGs so their accounting system may be improved and can work independently.

Training and Entrepreneurship Development
JSK has been regularly providing training to SHG members in order to enhance their income. JSK has been promoting different livelihood activities other than Agriculture practices like poultry, horticulture planting, organic farming, dairy, piggery, fishery, on Polyhouse , Agarbatti making, Candle making etc


Training to different section of the society has been the core to aware the poor population of the society to take their right and entitlement, start their own livelihood activities so that they may get socially and economically strong enough to come out from the poverty.

Awareness and Training to labours
The organization has been advocating against the social evil of bonded labour in the region, in this regard, JSK has been organizing labours and marginal farmers to raise their voice against exploitation, under wage payment and to improve their socio-economic condition in the society.

Training on Different Vulnerability Issues of Women
These natural resources development programme is being executed in degraded and wasteland of 500 hectare area. 1200 Tribal Family have been benefitted. The total coverage is 2 blocks in Hazaribagh.
Training on gender issues to women and male members have given them insight to change their behaviour and their thought towards women.

Training on Farm and Norm Farm
JSK has been providing training on different livelihood intervention. Agriculture has been the core livelihood activities which has been done by the farmers, therefore training on SRI, 5% model ,small check dam , lift irrigation horticulture are the prominent trainings on which JSK has been focussing. Over the period of time the organization found significant change in the life of poor people and have enhanced their income by introducing advanced, modern and innovative technology.

JSK has imparted training on different activities like poultry, horticulture planting, organic farming, dairy, piggery, fishery , poly house, carpentary etc.